ANGO Materials

The diffusers to Ango lighting are fabricated by hand using natural, highly renewable materials that require minimal energy to process as indicated above.

The manufactured part of the light comprising the base and electrical components is of steel or steel / concrete, and when the diffuser reaches the end of its life, can be used with a new diffuser, or reused in some other way. The bases are also designed so that when the electrical components reach the end of their life, they can be easily retro-fitted.

Silk Cocoon

The cocoon is composed of silk that is made in glands within the body of the silkworm. In commercial silk farming, silk thread (usually totaling hundreds of metres from each cocoon) is spun off from the cocoons after they've been boiled, but we are using the totally unprocessed cocoons.

The diffuser is formed of a random configuration of silk cocoons, each of which is attached to a hand soldered wire matrix. The process starts by attaching the silk cocoons to strands of wire. The first strands are then attached to a hand brushed stainless steel frame, and the layers of silk cocoon slowly built up, checking the overall form of the piece all along the way.

On certain designs, we form the diffuser from ebony black or cherry red coloured silk cocoons that have been dyed using a non toxic fabric dye, but generally, the colour of the material is a soft white that yellows a little with age. 





From strands of rattan, the skin is peeled off and the remaining "core" of the rattan is formed into 1 mm diameter wires in an extrusion process.

The rattan wires are then formed into diffusers starting with a base structure, and using the random weave technique that we've developed.

The colour of the extruded material is a soft yellow that deepens a little with age. To clean diffusers in this material, we recommend that they be dusted or lightly vacuumed.




Hand soldered wire matrix

with interwoven metalised thread

This lighting diffuser material consists of a hand soldered steel wire matrix which is then nickel coated, before being interwoven with metalised thread.

The colour of the material is a lustrous silver colour. To clean diffusers in this material, we recommend that they be lightly vacuumed or dusted with a dry duster, and they can also be very gently washed in warm water.