Shipping & Returns

Shipping International

We offer shipping via EMS, which is an international postal courier service offered by the local postal operator. The expected transit time can be 1-4 weeks depending on the customs clearance at destination. 

The shipping cost via EMS shown in our website doesn’t include any import duty or tax that may occur.


If the Ango product(s) have safely arrived according to the Customer’s order with the standard specification, no return can be claimed, and the return can be made only when:

-      The product(s) that arrived are different from the order that has been placed. 

-      The product(s) arrived with a defect, imperfect manufacture, shortage in count, or any other defect known by the Customer at the time of delivery. 

The claim for return of product(s) has to be made in writing within 7 days via email ( after receiving the product(s). 

The shipping for return product(s) will be handled by the Customers via EMS only, where Customers can have 3 options for Refund (see Refund section). 


The process for refunds:

-      In case the Customer would like to receive a “Full Refund”, Ango will refund the total amount (received at the time of purchase) plus the shipping cost of returning the product(s) to Customer within 14 days of receipt of the returned product(s).

-      In case the Customer would like to accept the defective product(s) with “Partial Refund”, Ango will refunds 10% of the Product Price to Customer (Customer has to send the images proving the existence of the defect).

-      In case the Customer would like replacement product(s), Ango will send the new product(s) to the Customers within  14 days after Ango receive the returned product(s). Ango will also process for transfer of the shipping cost of returned products via EMS to Customers within 14 days after Ango received the returned product(s). 

-      In case the product(s) is lost during shipping, Customers will have the right to a “Full Refund” when Ango receive confirmation from EMS of the loss.